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It spread my asshole open almost painfully, but he kept pressing me down.

Slowly and deliberately, she extracted a plastic glove from the packet and pulled it on her left hand, each finger sliding home on by one. Pushing down with her hips, she felt his nose pressing hard against her Anus and his teeth against her clitoris. Pink pussy young girl. Jonah entered the kitchen while we were emptying bags and made a verbal note of the state of my diaper. Adult girl diaper punishment. I stood there in my mess for about an hour as they discussed multiple topics.

By the time they were finished, the bottle was empty, so Samantha replaced it with a pacifier and they both said good night as they left the room. Your email address will not be published. She hugged me and thanked me for taking the punishment. Then he unscrewed the cap of the powder and liberally shook it out over my pelvic area, spreading the soft powder onto my pussy, stomach, and ass. She told me I would learn all about those before too long, which almost seemed ominous.

After the tenth slap I could feel his free arm moving its way up my torso, eventually coming to rest on my breast. Thanks for helping us associate the correct Pornstars to this video!

When I told them I was homeless and worked here in order to pay for motel rooms, they began whispering to each other for several minutes. Naked in the sun pics. Samantha told me the liquid he added to the enema was most likely glycerin, which causes cramps and an incredible desire to shit. Tuber Bit Videos 7. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Soon we are trying to get one up on each other. The second swat made me realize the first swat was more shock than pain. Tony lay quietly, holding his hands tightly over his chest. It was strange, but the feelings were highly erotic and sexually charged. Tony opened his eyes when she stopped and tested the bonds that were imprisoning his arms. There would be house rules and I would be punished if I violated them.

Please read this page for more informations. Then they both returned to the couch to watch. Free milf seeker. Risking another punishment, I told her what I was thinking. After fifty swats, the crowd actually applauded as I was unstrapped from the bench and allowed to stand. When all was said and done I felt deeply in touch with myself and my needs. I told them that I felt terrible for assuming the worst and offered to give them the night at no charge if they would have me.

After releasing me from the pillory, Jonah told me to follow Samantha while he went out to the car to get something. She dressed herself similarly, minus the diaper of course.

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He made it clear that she was still in charge of me, but that she was required to follow all of the same rules during her week in diapers. Best nude pic ever. She stood behind Jonah and reached around to unfasten his jeans. Adult girl diaper punishment. My first thought was that I would ask my current boyfriend to help me explore this part of my desires.

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. There was a large high chair at the end of the table. When we arrived home, I helped Samantha carry in the groceries and put them away.

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I did just as he asked and was soon tucked under the covers and sleeping soundly. With each smack on my ass after that point he tweaked my nipple, pulling hard on it or pinching it between his fingers.

When the door opened, Samantha entered the room completely naked with Jonah following closely behind. Porn Adult Video 3. Fierce blue veins streaked around the shaft, radiating up from the base. Stretching up or bending over caused the dress to ride up and expose my filthy diaper to anyone that might be watching.

No, daddy is not going to change your diaper. Girls with big tits running. Samantha was still cooking, so he placed a sippy cup of apple juice on my tray and walked out the kitchen door to the barn. I have decided that your punishment for today will be a spanking; twenty smacks on the ass to be exact. Tony tried to wriggle away but Liz had him well restrained with her finger, deep inside him. I looked in his eyes, and finding no trace of insincerity I laid across his lap, presenting my ass to him.

Feeding me that stupid castor oil just because I used the potty without permission! You had finally got the key in reach of your mittens, only to find out it was no use. Liz pushed his folded knees apart and edged in so her knees were touching the backs of his thighs. A few moments later, I figured it all out when I felt the hot water begin to flow into my ass.

The third, and most important, rule was that I needed to be willing to accept any commands he gave me, regardless of how outrageous or scary they sounded. I was positive the diaper was going to leak, but the doubled up disposables did their job and contained the mess. Milf cruiser videos. Elizabeth can't wait for daddy to come home so they can play.

I rubbed myself through the diaper until I had a violent orgasm, then drifted off to sleep. Jonah lifted my legs straight up and placed a large disposable diaper under my ass. Casual Teen Sex Site Ranking th. Then watched in sheer amusement as you struggled helplessly to grab the keys with your tightly bound arms.

Samantha then took my hand and led me to the bathroom where she had just run a warm bath. The stack of diapers was pulled up between my legs and pinned tightly into place.

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He grabbed his belt off the counter and laid into my ass for another fifty swats or so. Lesbians from india porn. Risking another punishment, I told her what I was thinking. When I told them I was homeless and worked here in order to pay for motel rooms, they began whispering to each other for several minutes. Liz rolled the Rubber Pants half way down, exposing the nappy, stretched tightly over his firm penis.

Kind Nudist Girls After dinner, I had some free time to myself to use the computer or watch television. After another thirty five strokes, I realized what he was doing. In fact, it only barely covered the waistline of the diaper.

When I approached them, they seemed quite pleasant and invited me to sit with them. 100 lesbian sex positions Adult girl diaper punishment. Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. Liz dipped her second finger in a jar of Vaseline. The third, and most important, rule was that I needed to be willing to accept any commands he gave me, regardless of how outrageous or scary they sounded.

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